Saturday, January 12, 2008

On iPod and Individuality

In a world where what you see matters a lot to some (or most) people, we do have this innate need to stand out. Deep within the recesses of our minds, we want to assert our individuality. And it does boil down to what the eyes can actually take a look. Say the clothes we wear or the hair we sport around. Even the gadgets we so love to carry around with us are not exempted to this instinct.

The IPod, considered by many music buffs as the greatest thing to happen since the CD, can be enhanced aesthetically. With an array of accessories to choose from, the average individual can easily pimp his or her sound (get what I mean?). IPod accessories such as the speakers and sound system and the protective covers will speak out for you. Just fire away with the selection and choose the color and the style that sends out the real YOU!

Let's face it, we do want everybody to hear the songs we have on our IPod playlist (come on, you did dance to Boy George's "Karma Chameleon", don't you?). If you agree then it's best that you opt for the best speakers that say your style. If you are one of the Emo's or a member of the Gothic Revolution, then go black with your IPod portable speakers and while your at it, increase the intensity by going dark with the other IPod accessories like black-themed iPod cases. Nothing is more Gothic than black, I tell you.

Say you are a minimalist with a penchant for simplicity, then go micro. Tiny soundbox for IPod with a boom will surely say that you want superb performance but not flashy. You opting for this kind of setup? Then go white. One good reason: it's nice to the eyes. Now that's simplicity!

There are many ways people can express themselves. That depends on the individual himself. But for your IPod, nothing comes close to choosing the right accessories.


LG Portable Stereo Speakers MSP-100