Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watch the XPERIA X10's Rachael Interface in Action

In case you missed it, the XPERIA X10 got official overnight. Besides the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and big 4-inch capacitive touch display, it's Sony Ericsson's beautiful Rachael interface sitting on top of Android that impresses. Take a look:

At the event, Sony Ericsson also said that the X10 is just the flagship in a new Android-powered range, and that the Rachael UI will also likely end up on its Symbian phones. Interrresting.

SlashGear points out what Engadget noticed, too: the software running on the pre-production handset shown overnight was sluggish because it's not yet optimized for the Snagdragon processor. That will no doubt change by the time the phone ships early next year. [SlashGear, ElectricPig, and Sony Ericsson]

All credits and information was found on gizmodo.com


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