Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Motorola Backflip Ditches Google Search for Yahoo

AT&T's first Android handset is the Motorola Backflip. AT&T has removed all the embedded Google search widgets and apps that are part of the Android platform and replaced them with Yahoo instead. The Yahoo search widget leaves out some major features that are included in Google search. First, there is no voice search of any kind. The Backflip also provides no way to alter the way the Yahoo search app behaves. Google's search app lets users fine-tune how searches are conducted across the web and the device itself. AT&T spokesperson Warner May explained to Phone Scoop, "Yahoo is the default search engine on the Backflip. However, you are of course free to access and use Google search if that is what you prefer. Google doesn’t currently make available a widget or app that would let you do Google search directly from your phone’s home screen." The Backflip's Android browser also defaults to Yahoo search, and doesn't offer Google, Bing or any other alternative within the browser software. The only way to perform Google searches are by directing the browser to Google.com and then performing a normal web search from the Google Mobile home page. AT&T wouldn't comment if its future Android devices will also include Yahoo search in favor of Google Search.

All credits and information was found on phonescoop.com


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