Monday, April 5, 2010

Samsung outs four new bada handsets

With everything that’s been going on in the tech world over the past few months, we think most people can be forgiven for forgetting about bada, Samsung’s new mobile platform. But excuses won’t cut it much for much longer, because it appears Samsung is on the cusp of assaulting the market with bada-toting handsets. During a developers conference in Russia, Samsung put up a slide which showed off four previously unknown bada-based handsets alongside the previously announced Wave 8500. While the company didn’t mention what the handsets will offer in terms of specs and features, it’s pretty clear from the $350 USD to $700 USD price points that the platform will offer smartphones that cover more price points that many other popular platforms simply can’t touch. That and the fact Samsung is one of the few remaining companies that think slapping on a horizontal QWERTY keypad on a touchscreen device is something people actually want.

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