Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 to include 512MB of RAM

iPhone 4

While current Android handsets and Windows Mobile phones of yore boast of their prowess, by proclaiming the heftiness of their internal RAM, Apple has been silent on the internal memory included within the various generations of the iPhone. Both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G shipped with a meager 128MB RAM while the 3GS doubled that capacity with a respectable 256MB. The iPhone 4 was presumed to share the same 256MB capacity; a teardown analysis of a leaked prototype uncovered a 256MB DRAM from Samsung. Prototypes may provide a glimpse of an upcoming product, but their specs are not always written in stone. According to information disclosed by Apple at a WWDC session last week, the latest version of the iPhone will not feature 256MB of RAM, but will instead boast 512MB of RAM. 512MB sounds good to us. How about you?

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