Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Radio Activity (Spread Music Love) Design by Gianbattista Bonavita for iPhone 4

Original art from Threadless; case design from Griffin; millions of designers from everywhere, full of great ideas.

Take a super-slim case from Griffin, add original art from Threadless.com and you get "Radio-Activity (Spread Music Love)," the latest Griffin + Threadless design by Threadless member Gianbattista Bonavita.

"Radio-Activity" snaps around your iPhone 4 to provide protection from scratches, dust and boringness, adding less than 1 millimeter of thickness to your iPhone without blocking the dock connector, controls, or headphone jack.

Griffin + Threadless = one awesome case. Griffin and Threadless are partners in Griffin's Co-Op Initiative. Together, we're exploring new ideas in accessory design through unique collaborations with emerging and established designers and creators.

  • Snap-on shell protects your iPhone 4 from dings, dust, and boringness
  • Adds less than 1 mm in total thickness
  • Original art by Gianbattista Bonavita, Threadless member since 2006
All credits and info was found on griffintechnology.com


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