Friday, April 15, 2011

iPhone 4 dotties Silicone Case

A revolutionary case design, the dotties® Silicone Case is instantly customizable with countless variations of colors and arrangements. Place the multicolored silicone dots around the silicone core to personalize your case every day.

A high density silicone core wraps snugly around your iPhone 4 providing superior shock-absorbing protection. The dotties® Silicone Cases are not just for looks - it's protection in style.

Offered in eight different core colors, dotties® grants your iPhone 4 a multitude of options to mix and match wild or cool colors. Make a bold statement or play it safe with colors from across the spectrum.

The dotties® protects your device with a dense layer of silicone and colorful interchangeable dots. Featuring custom-cut holes, you'll have full access to your iPhone 4's camera hole.

Two raised silicone buttons allow you to adjust the volume while protecting your iPhone 4 from dust and particles . A small cutout leaves the toogle switch exposed for direct and functional access.

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