Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RexRegina makes two leather cases for the BlackBerry 7100 and 7130 series devices.

The Harrison Blackberry Case is a vertical design for customers who prefer a case without a belt clip. This case is best used to protect the BlackBerry when it’s in a computer bag, briefcase, purse, coat or pants pocket, or can be used to simply carry in hand. The slim, understated design features compliment the BlackBerry, and add very little to the its dimensions. The Harrison Case is available in the Classic, Nouveau and Avant-Garde design collections.
The Stanton Case is a horizontal design for customers who prefer a belt clip. The clip is integrated into the design of the case, so it won’t break, disconnect or pop off – avoiding potential damage to the BlackBerry. The Stanton Case has subtle design features that enhance the usability of the BlackBerry. The Stanton case is available in the Classic, and Nouveau design collections.

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