Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treo 700wx 700w 700p 650 Monaco Rubberized ABS Plastic Holster - Purple

The Rubberized ABS holster is a custom fitted product specifically for your device. Its made of strong ABS plastic, and rubber coated to ensure a sturdy and solid carrying holster. Your are able to fully function your phone while it's in the holster (making calls, answering, charging, etc...) On the back of the holster, there is a fixed clip ratcheting clip that rotates and locks into different positions. The clip allows you to wear your device in complete comfort.

What's the difference between a standard holster and a ABS rubberized holster? The rubberized holster is made of a much more sturdy plastic material (ABS), then coated with a layer of rubber. The rubber coating process makes the holster much more sturdy in comparison with other holsters that have been manufactured since the dawn of the wireless age. The clips that are used in the Monaco Rubberized ABS holsters are far more sturdy than an average carrying holster.

Compatible with the Palm Treo 700wx, 700w, 700p, and 650 models.

All credits and information was found on monacocases.com


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