Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Philips to launch 392

Philips just recently announced that another mobile phone will be coming out of their works some time from now. The Philips 392 looks promising on the screen and brochures. Boasting an assortment of advanced features, as well as one of the sleekest outer designs ever, the Philips 392 will be one of the most awaited mobile phones of this year.
Undeniably, Philips has been slugging it out with mobile communications giants Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. Remarkably, Philips has done well despite the fact that Nokia remains to be at the peak of the pyramid. With a mobile phone creating a lot of hype among consumers and players in the mobile communications industry, it will be understandable that quite a number of people will be expecting a lot from the Philips 392.
The Philips 392 seems to be gearing to the music slash movie phone market as well, which is visibly dominated by Sony Ericsson and Apple. Now this move is quite ambitious, but nevertheless an attainable goal for Philips. One might consider the Philips 392 as the company’s baptism of fire. Whether the Philips 392 can take the heat or get scorched in the flames is anyone’s guess as of this moment.


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