Monday, June 29, 2009

Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker protects your iPod

Those with iPods prefer for the iPods to stay in functioning order. However, warm summer months mean a lot of people are going places where music would be nice, but it’s not the safest place to bring your iPod. Well this portable speaker will not only handle a day at the beach, but protects your iPod so that it can as well. A lot of the portable speakers that are waterproof or resistant leave your iPod someplace else and unprotected. This one would probably be a little more convenient for a day at the beach.

Not only is it water and dust resistant, but it has a durable rubber exterior, which makes it shockproof and can handle knocks and bumps. The iPod itself goes behind a clear watertight door. While it’s behind that door, you can control your iPod through the exterior buttons. It has the option to run on either 4 C batteries, an AC adapter or a car adapter. It will fit the iPod Classic, Nano, Mini and Shuffle. You can purchase it for $99.50.

All credits and information was found by coolest-gadgets.


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