Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nokia 5700 for CellularOne

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The Nokia 5700 became one of CellularOne’s hottest items in terms of sales. Speaking of which, it reveals that more and more people prefer mobile phones slash music and video player. Who doesn’t? Being able to turn you mobile phone to the ultimate companion during those long boring moments is one good thing. Twisting it to become the meanest sound wave conjurer is a better thing. Killing time has never been this entertaining.

Of course, to enjoy the full features of the 5700, one needs to pair with the right mix of cell phone accessories. Accessories for sound, specifically. Having Bluetooth connection with this mobile phone means you get to share, load, and play music without the hassles of wire. Hook the 5700 with original Nokia Bluetooth headsets and speaker, as well as other Nokia accessories, voila! You got yourself a music entertainment central.

As for the looks, interchangeable cell phone cases for the 5700 might be limited because of its unique twist design. But the stock case looks good enough, who needs to replace it?

That said, the Nokia 5700’s performance as a phone is notable. CellularOne offers this mobile phone for as low as $205.99. That amount would seem sky high. But the benefits are worth it if you have some cash to spare. Otherwise, there are still good music phones out there that do not cost that much.


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