Wednesday, February 6, 2008

iPOd Hi-Fi: Sound Trip

If you are a techno geek, specifically an iPod techno geek, then you must have tons of iPod accessories and iPod cases stashed somewhere. Seriously, you do not need to go on reading this page. But if you are no geek but certainly a music lover who happens to own an iPod player, then perhaps you might have overlooked this speaker set from Apple: the iPod Hi-Fi.
A definite must have for any iPod aficionado, the iPOd Hi-Fi not only replaces the spot dominated by the stereo with cd player for so long, but lets you control the music flow, so you can have that ultimate sound trip you have always been craving about. The iPod Hi-Fi boasts of crisp sound quality coming from its speakers. Not only that, this speaker set from Apple also caters to all iPod models (as well as third party music players, though Apple will not mention such).
The only boo-boo that flawed this otherwise a wonderful device would be the overall design. Honestly, there are a lot items in out in the market that are more visually appealing than the iPod Hi-Fi. But eye-candy or not, the iPod Hi-fi is all about the sounds, so unless you can see the notes coming out in Technicolor, this gadget must be owned.


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