Monday, March 10, 2008

iRhythms A-460 iPod Speaker

The Apple iPod. The name alone brings images of the white box-like thingy with the classic Apple logo. Inside the white box-like thingy are tons of tunes ready for sound blasting. But in order to achieve maximum efficiency, one needs the best set of speakers for the job (that is, if you intend on sharing your tunes to the world). But ordinary iPod accessories are not what you need. You need serious firepower for this one. Firepower, something your iPod, covered with all your pathetic iPod cases, does not have.

Enter the iRhythms A-460 iPod Speakers. Designed to fill a room with good sounding music, the iRhythms A-460 iPod Speaker is an ultimate on its own right. The design alone is very classy and very techno at the same time. Compatible with all iPod models, the iRhythms A-460 iPod Speaker surely will snug perfectly into the audiophile’s way of life.

Although music phones are slowly clawing their way to the top of mobile music, Nokia accessories, Motorola cell phone accessories, and other music cell phone accessories can’t make music phones a contender against the iRhythms A-460 iPod Speaker.


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