Thursday, July 30, 2009

First LG Chocolate BL40 Official Shots Don't Surprise, Still Stun

Short of price, release date and carrier(s), there's not a whole lot that hasn't been leaked about LG's comically long next generation Chocolate, the BL40. But somehow, these first official shots are still enticing. I mean, look at it.

Shock and mystery, I suppose, are at the core of the BL40's appeal, at least until someone actually gets to try one. For everything we do know, and can see reconfirmed here—the featurephone OS, the 5-megapixel camera, the 21:9 screen, the forward-facing videocalling sensor—there's a less observable thing that we don't: How does it feel in your pocket? Your hand? How well does browsing work? How does this phone deal with video that's not encoded for silly-wide displays? And until we find out that LG hasn't discovered clever and/or magical solutions to these potential issues, ogling is the order of the day.

All credits and information was found by gizmodo.


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