Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Samsung comback gets speed

You might recall the Samsung Comeback — though its name was unknown at the time — from a group of four T-Mobile-bound headsetswe spied back in early May. Sure it was likely the least interesting of the group but you’ll be hard pressed to find a T-Mobile subscriber who isn’t at least somewhat excited when news of a new 3G handset rolls around. Well T-Moblers, the next piece of the puzzle just fell into place as the complete specs of this little QWERTY have been uncovered. Highlights include the QWERTY keyboard of course, a 2 megapixel camera with video capture, microSDHC support, integrated email and IM support, Bluetooth, 75MB of internal memory, a 960 mAh battery and a pair of low-quality displays. Oh, and let’s not forget 1700MHz 3G. We’d say this little guy has the potential to make a decent showing with the tween demo as long as we see a price tag around $50. Hit the jump for the full specs.

All credits and information was found by boygeniusreport.


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