Sunday, September 27, 2009

AT&T Wants FCC to Probe Google Voice

In a letter sent to the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T has asked the agency to look into Google's Voice product. AT&T alleges that Google Voice blocks customers from calling certain numbers, thereby violating FCC regulations. AT&T likens the call-blocking to the call for net neutrality, and says that if phone companies need to all play by the same rules, then so do internet companies such as Google. Google Voice is a call-forwarding system that lets users give out one central phone number and have it ring other phone lines when called. It allows users to maintain some degree of privacy, as well as consolidate services. Google does block Voice customers from calling adult chat lines and some conference call systems due to the high fees levied by those services. Neither Google nor the FCC have commented on AT&T's letter.

All credits and information was found by phonescoop.


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