Monday, October 12, 2009

Blackra1n jailbreaks iPhone OS 3.1.2

iPhone OS hacker, GeoHot, released Blackrain this weekend, a new jailbreak utility for iPhone OS 3.1.2.

The new Windows-only utility follows on the heels of Purplerain and you can download it now. Windows users can use it to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.2 on all iPhone and iPod Touch models regardless of their hardware generation. Using the application is simple. You just plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch using the standard USB sync cable and follow the instructions below.

Difficulty level:

What you need:
>PC running Windows XP or Vista
>Download Blackra1n using from


  • BlackRa1n does not unlock your iPhone so that it can be used with another carrier.
  • If you have already updated to 3.1 or higher and you did not use PwangeTool to upgrade from an earlier iPhone OS version, then you will not be able to unlock your iPhone until PwangeTool is updated.
  • iPod Touch third-generation users take heed--Blackra1n only supports a tethered jailbreak. If your battery is depleted after the hack, then you will have to reconnect your iPod Touch to a computer and use the Blackra1n utility to reboot it.

Updated on October 12, 2008 at 7:29 a.m. PDT: Comments from mohabitar and eisenhower18.03 indicate that installing Cydia and Icy at the same time is not recommended.

Standard disclaimers apply. Please read your contract terms of service carefully before proceeding to ensure that you are not breaking your iPhone carrier agreement or warranty. Also, while these methods have worked for most people, we cannot guarantee that they will work for you, and you must make these modifications at your own risk. If you do not feel comfortable making these modifications to your phone, we urge you not to try to make them.

1. Launch iTunes and check to ensure that you are running version 9.0.1. If you are not, then update your iTunes before proceeding and reboot your PC.

2. Install Blackra1n and reboot your PC.

3. If you haven't already plugged your iPhone or iPod Touch into your computer, connect it now with the USB sync cable.

4. Launch Blackra1n and click on the button "make it ra1n."

5. Your iPhone or iPod Touch will go into recovery mode. A picture of GeoHot will replace the standard recovery mode image on your device.

6. Blackra1n will execute and perform the jailbreak on your device and the device will be rebooted.

7. An opportunity will present itself for you to make a donation to GeoHot.

8. Once your device has rebooted, a new icon--Blackra1n--will appear on the Springboard. You now need to confirm that your device can connect to the Internet.

9. Launch Blackra1n on your device.

10. You can now choose to install one or more of your favorite installer apps: Cydia, Rock, or Icy. (Note: my personal favorites are Cydia and Icy.) Blackra1n will download and install your selections, the Springboard will be restarted, and your installed installer app icons will appear.

11. After you have confirmed that your selected installer app is working, you can then optionally uninstall Blackra1n by launching it and tapping the button labeled "Uninstall blackra1n."

12. Reboot your device my pressing and holding sleep/wake and home until the Apple logo appears. You're now done!

All credits and information was found by cnet.


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