Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Behold, the Nexus One car dock... and no, you still can't buy it

Mind you, this isn't the first time we've gotten a glimpse at Google's first-party car dock for the Nexus One; it got teased briefly back in February in the course of the phone's video docu-mercial series, yet we're well into the Spring months here and you still won't find any mounted on windshields. We're honestly not so sure how it can take four solid months for two corporate heavyweights -- Google and HTC, with a combined market cap of around $200 billion -- to put something like this together, but considering how prominently free Google Maps Navigation plays into Android's strategy these days, we'd argue there should be some serious pressure behind the scenes to get this thing launched. There's no launch date just yet, but the pretty picture comes courtesy of some new official documentation on the dock in Google's Nexus One website, touting its built-in speakers and charging capability -- so we're figuring (or at least hoping) that publishing this stuff is one of the last steps before these guys start taking orders. The dude who dredged up the help page says that he briefly saw the dock listed on Google's Nexus One order page for $55, $10 more than you'll pay for the desktop dock; that sounds about in line with what we'd expect, and it's still a hell of a value considering the additional street cred it affords your '77 Gremlin.
Update: And wouldn't you know, the dock just went on sale for $55. Enjoy!

All credits and information was found on engadget.com


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