Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit

The innovative blueant f4 bluetooth motorocycle stereo headset is a fully fledged wireless entertainment and communication system for bikers on the go.

Use it to:

  • talk wirelessly on your mobile phone
  • talk to another Interphone user within 500 metres, using the intercom feature
  • hear turn by turn GPS direction information from your Bluetooth-enabled GPS device (works with "motorcycle-friendly" GPS devices only)
  • listen to stereo music from any music player that supports the Bluetooth A2DP profile

Wireless, water-resistant, windproof and world class, the removable and rechargeable BlueAnt Interphone F4 Stereo Motorcycle Kit can be used at up to 180 KM/h and is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.

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