Sunday, November 15, 2009

WHERE helps us track DROID infestation, sales numbers

The folks over at uLocate, makers of the popular GPS-centric WHERE application, have come through with some stats in order to help us better track the DROID as it leaves store shelves…and there’s a map for that. Oh irony. When you download WHERE from the Android market, uLocate (like any good developer) can tell: what model of Android phone you are using and where, roughly, you are geographically located. The DROID after its opening weekend was estimated to have sold close to 110,000 handsets (Bloomberg), and according to uLocate, 10% of those devices had downloaded WHERE (this number was based on 11,000 new WHERE DROID activations). Not bad. As of today, uLocate has tracked 21,000 new DROID activations, and is projecting that number to increase to 25,000 by tomorrow. What does this mean? WHERE typically has a 25% penetration rate on all Android handsets sold worldwide, and a 10% penetration rate on new Android devices during the first month of their release. If the 10% number holds true, which we are told historically it does, then there have been somewhere around 250,000 DROID units sold and in use since last Friday the 6th. That wouldn’t include any units that haven’t ended up in customers hands from telesales, or other sales channels. Again, this is just using past and present data from uLocate, but it should be realtively accurate if their download ratio stays the same. So where is the DROID dropping like it’s hot? New York currently has 12% of all DROIDs, LA has 6%, and DC has a respectable 5%. Check out the site for more info and other top cities.

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