Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits with Optional Holder

A Bluetooth hands free kits that does not include a holder uses a wireless communication link to establish hands free functions between the cell phone and the hands free control box. A cell phone holder is optional and not included or required. The hands free functions of this kit are controlled by the Bluetooth wireless link. Hands free turns when the cell phone comes in range of the control box and hands free functions turn off when the cell phone is out of range of the control box. This range can be as far as 50 feet and if the car is on and the Bluetooth control box has power, a hands free link will be established even though the user is not in the vehicle. A user will have to use the cell phone menu to disable or establish a hands free link under this condition.

All credits and information was found on smoothtalker.com


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