Sunday, August 24, 2008

HTC S621 for Cellular One

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Being able to take charge of your business and personal life at the palm of your hand is power. But you need to have the right gadget to do so. Juggling two or more phones is an obvious hassle. But during the course of time, along with communications technology breakthroughs, we have now what we call the smart phone. However, choosing the right smart phone that perfectly meshes with your lifestyle and can keep up with our varying pace is quite tricky, so to speak. Honestly, there is no 100% guarantee that you will pick up the perfect smart phone for you. There is always something better out there. Always.
But if perfection is not on your list and you prefer ultimate function instead, then I suggest the HTC S621 for Cellular One. Of course, there are smart phones which are way better in every aspect, but the HTC S621 is not far behind. Aside from decent performances on all its features, the HTC S621 also had a sleek design.
Cell phone accessories for the HTC S621 are widely distributed so you won't have any problems getting cell phone cases and cell phone covers, and the likes.
Cellualr One offers the HTC S621 for as low as $279.95. For that price, the HTC S621 can be a good buy or a deal buster. But then, you are not aiming for perfection, are you?

Monday, August 11, 2008

3220 for Cellular One

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The Nokia 3220 is certainly one of the attractive mobile phones and one of the affordable phones as well. Along with the low-end price are features that are quite impressive for a small unit but useful at the same time. The outer casing of the 3220 sports a funky, sporty theme. Definitely not the kind of phone business executives would want to carry around. But it appeals to the young people of the market.
With an assortment of customized
cell phone cases, cell phone covers, and other Nokia accessories, the 3220 is pretty much a fashionable mobile phone. But though the 3220 seems to be a youngster's mobile phone of choice, the features are also worth noting. The display is pretty much impressive. The picture quality is acceptable. Voice quality for phone calls is decent. Phone conversations with the 3220 are not that bad.
As for flaws, I am pretty sure there some but who cares? For $99.99, this mobile phone is the bomb!


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