Sunday, March 11, 2012


With the BlueAnt S4, there is no longer any need to touch your phone or car speakerphone while driving.

For the first time, drivers can make and receive calls on the road using only their voice.

Use Your Voice to Make and Receive Calls
To activate the S4, all you have to do is say the hands-free trigger phrase "BlueAnt Speak to Me" and the S4 will be ready for your voice commands.

To make a call, just say "Phone Commands" and the S4 will activate your phone's voice dialing feature. *

When the phone rings you won't need to take your eyes off the road to know who is calling because the S4 will read out the caller's name or number and ask you if you want to take the call. All you have to do is say "Answer" or "Ignore".

Hear Your Messages on the Go
The S4 integrates with Vlingo SafeReader so that you can hear incoming text messages read aloud. Once the Vlingo SafeReader application is installed on your BlackBerry® or Android™ 2.x smartphone, your incoming messages will be read out automatically as they come in.

Click here to visit the Vlingo website for more information about SafeReader.

A2DP Streaming
The S4 features integrated A2DP streaming audio functionality, so you can listen to music or podcasts and hear turn-by-turn direction information from a GPS application on your phone.

Free Android Application
Users with Android devices can further enhance their BlueAnt S4 by installing the BlueAnt S4 Android application. The application provides text message readout directly into the headset and includes help and support for your S4.

Click here to learn more about the application.

The S4 Talks You Through It
The S4 also features embedded audio help that talks you through the setup and pairing process, and if you can't remember the voice commands you can ask the S4 "What Can I Say?" and it will tell you the available options.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jabra GO™ 660 Series

Jabra GO 660 Bluetooth® headset system

Using the same compact headset to switch between your softphone and mobile phone helps you become even more mobile and productive in a busy day.

Developed for active professionals, Jabra GO™ 660 is a next generation multiuse, Bluetooth® headset system, that connects simultaneously to mobile phones and softphones via the Jabra LINK™ 320 USB Bluetooth adapter. Now you only need one headset for mobile phone calls, softphones, Internet radio and music streaming.

Noise-canceling – speak naturally
Talk business anywhere, with natural sounding voice quality. Noise Blackout™ is a state-of-the-art dual microphone technology that eliminates background noise, enhancing your own voice so you are heard clearly.

Best in class audio
...and you hear everyone perfectly. Advanced Digital Signal Processing and intelligent volume control gives you perfect sound clarity. Jabra GO 660 is designed to sound great and look good through its compact size and design. Small, compact and stylish, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it!

The Jabra GO 660 Bluetooth headset system consists of the Jabra EXTREME™ headset and the Jabra LINK 320 USB Bluetooth adapter.

Product features
  • Switch seamlessly from mobile to softphone
  • Experience state-of-the-art noise-cancelling which eliminates background noise
  • Hear and be heard with digitally enhanced speech.
  • Intelligent volume control secures the average sound level
  • Plug-and-play device with no driver requirements
  • All-day comfort with Ultimate fit Eargel™
  • Up to 10m range, 5.5 hours talk time and 10.5 days stand by

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The BlackBerry Torch 9810, 9850 and 9860 touch screen devices are all about communicating, being productive and having fun

These devices offer an excellent and stylish way to stay in contact with colleagues and co-workers wherever you are. Learn to communicate effectively with the phone, email, BlackBerry Messenger, PIN and text messaging. Stay up-to-date and keep organized with your calendar, contacts and notes. You can even create and edit Microsoft Office documents using Documents to Go.

NOTE ON VIDEOS: These videos are all shown in the landscape orientation on your Torch - so if you turn your Torch on its side, the videos will be closer to the actual orientation of your screen. Some videos refer to typing on the keyboard - on the 9850/9860, you will need to use your on-screen keyboard (instead of the physical keyboard shown) Some images of the top lock, side volume and convenience keys are metallic instead of the Torch's rubberized buttons, but they function exactly the same as shown in the video.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


High-quality print
Skinit uses state-of-the art digital presses to provide vibrant photo quality graphics.

We Make It Fresh
Our Skins are designed and manufactured on-demand in San Diego, California. This allows us to support thousands of devices and limitless designs.

Easy on - Easy Off
Durable, automotive-grade premium vinyl for easy application and residue-free removal

Perfect Fit
Our skins have been designed to perfectly fit the unique contour of your device. They are ultra low-profile, ensuring they will not interfere with docks - chargers or other accessories.

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LG Portable Stereo Speakers MSP-100