Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is The PSP Phone Coming?

Reports say that Sony is considering developing a phone-portable game hybrid to go up against the iPhone.

As more companies develop games for the iPhone, Sony’s handheld PSP games console is feeling the pinch. And that may well be why, according to reports from Nikkei business daily and Reuters, the company is considering developing a phone-portable game console hybrid.

A team could begin working as soon as next month to develop the product which will mash together features from the PSP along with Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones.

Sony hasn’t officially commented on the matter, but if it should happen, then it could provide some serious competition to the iPhone.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker protects your iPod

Those with iPods prefer for the iPods to stay in functioning order. However, warm summer months mean a lot of people are going places where music would be nice, but it’s not the safest place to bring your iPod. Well this portable speaker will not only handle a day at the beach, but protects your iPod so that it can as well. A lot of the portable speakers that are waterproof or resistant leave your iPod someplace else and unprotected. This one would probably be a little more convenient for a day at the beach.

Not only is it water and dust resistant, but it has a durable rubber exterior, which makes it shockproof and can handle knocks and bumps. The iPod itself goes behind a clear watertight door. While it’s behind that door, you can control your iPod through the exterior buttons. It has the option to run on either 4 C batteries, an AC adapter or a car adapter. It will fit the iPod Classic, Nano, Mini and Shuffle. You can purchase it for $99.50.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to Make a Palm Pre Look Like a Palm Full of Ass

We don't mean a palm full of ass in a good way—when were you not happy when you had a palm full of ass—but a palm full of something really disgusting. Yeah, this thing right here. No offense to the guy at preThinking, but there's a reason why Palm didn't make the back of their phone look like a ad or something you'd see at a NASCAR event. Leave Britney alone, as it were.

All credits and information was found by gizmodo.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Remote App Update Now Supports Apple TV

Anybody got an Apple TV? Tired of that crappy little controller? Apple has just released a 3.0 version of its Remote App that now supports controls for Apple TV. It also features gestured moves that allow you to control your Apple TV with greater accuracy. Sources report that the app dramatically improves the flexibility of the Apple TV controls allowing you to move the screen on your phone and search using the keyboard. I also just wanted to mention that the Remote App is really cool to use in a wireless iTunes scenario. My buddy can set his iTunes to Party DJ and I can roll through and make song requests on my iPhone using his library. If more that one person is making requests, you can vote on songs and they will go to the top of the playlist. The updated Remote App is available now for free.

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