Tuesday, November 30, 2010

iPhone 4 BOMBPROOF Silicone Case

BOMBPROOF™ for iPhone 4 has elevated ridges resembling a grenade, for all-encompassing, high-impact protection. The dermaSHOT® high-density silicone will protect your iPhone 4 against virtually any drop.

Despite its practically bulletproof design, BOMBPROOF™ retains full access to all of the iPhone 4's essential ports and features. Protect your device while maintaining functionality - it's the smart thing to do.

BOMBPROOF™ comes packed with a surface protector and vanity kit, complete with a microfiber cleaning cloth and applicator card to ensure that your touchscreen is also protected against possible dangerous encounters.

All credit and info was found on myincipio.com

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Over the past few years, our Innocases have quickly become one of the most popular products we manufacture. They add an amazingly thin layer of protection without the excessive bulk of other cases.

The Innocase 360 is the newest innovation from Seidio. It is designed from a hard yet flexible material, with a unique soft-touch "rubberized" texture that provides a great feel and better grip. It features a built-in scratch-resistant screen guard and silicone keyboard cover that protects against dirt and oils. The wide trackball opening ensures unhindered navigation and precision cutouts for ports make using your device a breeze. Innocase 360 provides 360 degrees of protection and is so functional that it might just be the only case you need.

Our Innocase Crystal is perfectly clear, allowing you to show off your phone’s unique colors.

Our Innocase Surface has our signature soft-touch “rubberized” texture and comes in multiple colors to protect your device in style. For customers who use our Innocell Extended Life Battery, we offer the Innocase Surface Extended.

The Innocase Hybrid is a combination of the Innocase Crystal and the Innocase Surface. It provides a better grip on the back and see-through access on the front. These can be carried in a pocket or purse, or to really show them off, pair them with an Innocase Holster.

The Innocase II is a unique slide-in design for devices like the iPhone 3G, the BlackBerry Curve 8900, and BlackBerry Storm. This design has become very popular and is used depending on the device’s design.

All credit and info was found on seidio.com

Thursday, November 25, 2010

RexRegina Case for Nokia E62

RexRegina makes The Winston Case for the Nokia E62.
The Morgan Case is a vertical design for customers who prefer a case without a belt clip. This case is best used to protect the E62 when it’s in a computer bag, briefcase, purse, coat or pants pocket, or can be used to simply carry in hand. The slim, understated design features compliment the E62 ’s, and add very little to the its dimensions. The Morgan Nokia cell phone cases are available in the Classic and Nouveau design collections.
The Morgan case is made from the best Italian leathers, and comes in a variety of colors and textures from RexRegina’s design collections.

All credits and information was found on rexregina.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Keep your iPhone safe from harm with the Prima Crystal case.
Made from durable acrylic, the Prima Crystal 3G/3Gs iPhone Case is able to protect your iPhone from the common everyday elements like scratches, dust, greasy hands, etc.
This case does not shy away from the iPhone's stylish form with it's sleek design and also allows complete access to the iPhone's touch screen, charger/connector ports, and headphone/headset jack speakers.
The Prima Crystal Case is designed not to interfere with proximity sensor on iPhone and has great finger room to press buttons and ports. Protects against drops, scratches. Custom snug tight design ensures iPhone is securely fitted and protected. Custom made for the AT&T Apple iPhone version 3G or 3Gs.
  • Protects your iPhone from scratches, dust, greasy hands, etc.
  • Allows complete access to touch screen and all ports including open area for iPhone speakers at the bottom.
  • FREE Screen Protector
All credit and info was found on primacases.com

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Samsung WEP870 Convertible Mono and Stereo Bluetooth Headset by Samsung

Take the latest technology in Bluetooth audio and entertainment with you in one convenient package with the WEP870 Convertible Mono and Stereo Music Streaming Headset.

This brilliant device not only provides advanced, dual microphone noise cancellation for crystal clear conversations, it easily converts to a stereo, music streaming wonder with the included adjustable stereo ear bud lanyard. Plus, the WEP870 allows you to take calls in mono and stereo mode, gently fading your music when a call comes in then returning to your music when your call ends.


  • Talk Time/Play Time: Up to 6 hours
  • Standby time: Up to 150 hours
  • Dedicated on/off switch
  • Detachable Crystal Clear Earhook
All credits and information was found on mobihand.com

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The stylish, head-turning Abruzi® case is designed for the fashionable, sophisticated mobile phone user. The premium leather is accented with a contrasting stitch that adds flair to this classy case, while its executive interior lining protects its contents. Its slim, yet durable, belt clip allows the case to sit comfortably and securely at the waist or on a belt, bag or briefcase.

All credits and info was found on milante.com

Sunday, November 14, 2010

LEATHERSKIN Apple iPhone 4

Minimalist, form-fitting, slim curve-hugging, the LeatherSkin is like a premium leather glove for your iPhone 4.

Slim curve hugging leather design
Soft velvet lining with light protective layer
Removable ratcheting metal clip system

All credits and info was found on senacases.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blackberry Curve (8330) Glove Snap-On Case

The Glove Snap-On case offers revolutionary protection in the ultimate custom fit phone case. This case features a durable hard shell wrapped in a textured glove material that is easy to grip and protects your phone from scratches. This case allows for access to all controls along with the charging port.
  • Snap-On hard case covered with a textured glove material
  • Ultimate custom fit for maximum protection
  • Removable knob for a low profile
  • Rapid release locking swivel clip for instant phone access
All credits and information was found on bodyglove.com

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aliph Jawbone Icon 'The Ace' Bluetooth headset review

While Aliph was announcing its luxurious Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headsets earlier today, we've been playing with one of its six designs -- The Ace -- at our cozy London pad. Being the smallest and lightest Jawbone ever, the Icon's obviously challenging the likes of Jabra Stone with attempts to outperform in noise elimination, battery life, ergonomics and ease of operation. On paper, the Icon already wins on battery life and price, although the Stone has a charging dock good for six extra hours. What really matters, though, is the usability -- something the Stone had little of in a noisy environment. Read on to find out if Aliph has done it right.

Goodies and build quality

Let's focus on the Jawbone Icon for now. First of all, kudos to Aliph for its petite and 100%-recyclable packaging -- expect some flowers from treehuggers soon. To our further surprise the small box packed similar goodies as the Jawbone Prime: on the first layer you'll find three fits for the earbuds with that funny loop stopper (which pushes against the concha to help secure the device), and for the naysayers there's the good old earloop with four earbud fits. If none of these fit you then at least this feast would sound good on your eBay listing. Further down the box are a stash of bilingual (English and Spanish) manuals and cards that remind you not to eat the product, followed by a hard-flex USB-to-micro-USB cable and a wall adapter.
We eventually cradled the shiny earpiece out of the magical box. This model -- The Ace -- sports two chrome square humps which provide a kinetic appearance, and we approve that (although the gold-rippled The Bombshell still seduces us from afar), but as with all shiny objects there's always a catch -- fingerprints. Sure, you can hold the device by its sides, but by doing so we heard the occasional faint squeaks from our gentle squeezes. Nah, there's no reason to lose sleep over this, but we like to be picky while we bask in such luxury.

Our adventurous nature led us to 'Fit Option A -- earbud only.' OK, 'adventurous' was a lie -- we just don't like the earloop as the space is already taken up by our spectacles. Anyhow, without much effort The Ace was already fit snuggly in our right ear (and its symmetrical design means it's lefty-friendly too) -- apparently the key is to point the earpiece downwards while plugging it into the ear, and then twist up to secure. Thankfully, the Voice Activity Sensor nipple -- a crucial element of the NoiseAssassin operation -- has good contact with our skin despite the shorter body, but with such remarkable lightness sometimes we couldn't tell for sure! We've been shaking our heads and jumping around yet The Ace stayed on, but of course, a well-aimed brush by your hands may eventually knock it off, plus the summer sweat might become its biggest enemy so do keep that earloop.

Functionality and control

Aliph boldly claims that the Icon is its "most sophisticated and accessible Jawbone yet," so let's see: yep, we're already liking that on / off switch on the back, which is much less of a hassle than the traditional hold-down-for-five-seconds nonsense. Not much else can be found on the earpiece except the micro-USB port and multi-function button next to the earbud -- the latter deals with phone calls (single click to pick up or hang up calls; double click to redial), checking battery level (single click) and launching a DialApp (hold down the button; we'll cover this later). There are no volume buttons -- the cunning Jawbone Active Dynamic Range Management normalizes all caller volumes around your preferred volume, as controlled by your phone initially. In a way the Icon makes up for what it lacks, if you feel left out at all -- iPhone users are treated to an extra on-screen battery gauge icon which is a first for non-Apple Bluetooth headsets, and apparently Apple's cool with this so it should be staying around for a good while.

Pairing with our phones was no harder than before -- like the Icon's predecessor the process is still PIN-free, still remembers up to eight pairings (and when the quota's full, the least used profile is replaced by the ninth one) but now supporting two simultaneous calls instead of cutting the old one off when picking up the other (so that you can toggle between two calls, like call waiting on one line). That said, we did have the occasional hiccups while attempting to pair with a second phone, and the ultimate solution was to do the tragic hard reset.

All credits and information was found on engadget.com

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shield Eclipse for iPhone 4

It Grips, It Slips, It Protects


Give your iPhone double the function with the dual design that offers the best of both worlds. The hard upper shell is clear to show off your device and smooth to slide easily into your pocket. The molded grip is soft to the touch for a secure hold.


The duality of design also doubles up on protection. The hard polycarbonate on top gives you impact-protection, while the durable, scratch-resistant bottom is shock-absorbent to protect against drops and bumps.

  • Fusion of materials for style and function
  • Hard, clear upper shell slides easily into your pocket
  • Soft-touch lower grip lets you easily pull your iPhone out of your pocket
  • Shock-absorbent and impact-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
All credits and info was found on belkin.com

Friday, November 5, 2010

The EDGE™ by Incipio®

The EDGE™ by Incipio® is comprised of an optical quality hard-shell polymer, featuring a maximum wall thickness of 1mm. An interior rubber grip provides excellent shock absorption in addition to scratch and impact protection. The Incipio® EDGE™ features a functional sliding design to help ensure sound protection for the iPhone 4. A smooth-to-the-touch feel highlights the EDGE™ advantage.

  • High density polycarbonate case
  • Easy access to all iPhone 4 controls and features
  • Incipio Vanity Kit: including a surface protector and cleaning cloth.

  • iPhone 4

  • Part #: IPH-543
  • Color: Matte Bright Purple

All credits and information was found on myincipio.com

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dane-Elec Zpen Light

  • Write with the pen, on any kind of paper (with the receiver clipped onto the top of the page)
  • Then simply unclip the receiver and, using its built in usb connector, plug it into your PC or Laptop. Download your handwritten notes onto your Laptop or PC, Mac or Linux and view them on screen
  • Then, using the My Script Notes software (pre-loaded on receiver) convert your handwritten notes into digital text in order to use it on your standard word processing
  • Export your Digital Text to Microsoft Word, PDF, Notepad or straight to Microsoft Outlook
  • Product Description:Dane-Elec Zpen Digital Pen Light
  • Device Type:Digital Pen
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 1.3cm x 14.4cm x 1.3cm
  • Weight:16g
  • Connectivity Technology:Wireless
  • Wireless Receiver:USB wireless receiver
  • Features:1GB flash memory (in receiver)
  • Cables Included:1 x USB cable
  • Battery: 2
  • OS Required: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year Warranty
All credits and information was found on amazon.co.uk


LG Portable Stereo Speakers MSP-100