Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treo 700wx 700w 700p 650 Monaco Rubberized ABS Plastic Holster - Purple

The Rubberized ABS holster is a custom fitted product specifically for your device. Its made of strong ABS plastic, and rubber coated to ensure a sturdy and solid carrying holster. Your are able to fully function your phone while it's in the holster (making calls, answering, charging, etc...) On the back of the holster, there is a fixed clip ratcheting clip that rotates and locks into different positions. The clip allows you to wear your device in complete comfort.

What's the difference between a standard holster and a ABS rubberized holster? The rubberized holster is made of a much more sturdy plastic material (ABS), then coated with a layer of rubber. The rubber coating process makes the holster much more sturdy in comparison with other holsters that have been manufactured since the dawn of the wireless age. The clips that are used in the Monaco Rubberized ABS holsters are far more sturdy than an average carrying holster.

Compatible with the Palm Treo 700wx, 700w, 700p, and 650 models.

All credits and information was found on monacocases.com

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mobi Products Animal Print Protector Case

Help keep your smartphone protected with this fun hard case from Mobi Products!

Made from durable, hard plastic, this case will help protect your device and give it some extra style and set it apart from the rest! This case features bright and bold graphics with vibrant colors.

The case also includes cut outs for all of the device's features, with the screen left uncovered for easy access.

All credits and information was found on mobihand.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Harrison Case

The Harrison Case is a vertical design for customers who prefer a case without a belt clip. This case is best used to protect the Treo when it’s in a computer bag, briefcase, purse, coat or pants pocket, or can be used to simply carry in hand. The slim, understated design features compliment the Treo, and add very little to the Treo’s dimensions. The Harrison Case is available in the Classic, Nouveau and Avant-Garde design collections.

All credits and information was found on rexregina.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This Bluetooth can be installed in any vehicle. As soon as you turn the ignition on, your bluetooth enabled cell phone links to our full featured handsfree system. It gives you full control and lets you dial and talk handsfree without taking your phone out of your pocket or purse and holding it in your hand while driving.

All credits and information was found on bluecarphone.com

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The iPad and iPad 2 are all about communicating, being productive and having fun

these devices offer an excellent and stylish way to get work done, stay in contact with colleagues and co-workers. Learn to communicate effectively with email, iMessage, and video conferencing, stay organized with your calendar, reminders, contacts and notes.
65 iPad and iPad 2 accessories training videos
Deploy via browser or directly to mobile devices
Perfect for organization roll-outs or support
Boost productivity of mobile users immediately
View directly on your iPad or iPad 2 (Our videos listed below are compatible to be viewed directly on your device - .mp4 video format)

All credits and information was found on madesimplelearning.com

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radius Atomic Bass 2 Earphones + Mic

The new Radius Atomic Bass best earbuds retain the same unique shape that make our products supremely comfortable, however the new Atomic Bass earphones now deliver more highs and mids without sacrificing the booming low end of the original Atomic Bass.

The new Atomic Bass earphones more durable than ever. The new thicker wiring, strengthened joints and the slider to keep your earphones from getting tangled are some of the new features of the new Atomic Bass.

In addition to all the improvements, the Atomic Bass 2 Earphones come with a carrying case for extra protection.

The new Atomic Bass earphones more durable than ever. The new thicker wiring, strengthened joints and the slider to keep your earphones from getting tangled are some of the new features of the new Atomic Bass.

All credits and information was found on radiusearphones.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SmoothTalker Cell Phone Charging Holders & Cradles

Smoothtlaker manufactures car holders for many popular cellular phones and smartphones in several configurations. All holders are cell phone or smartphone specific and charge the cell or smartphone battery. These are not universal holders that have spring loaded phone grippers or or require fidgeting to fit the cellular phone in the holder. All of the cell phone holders and cradles made by Smoothtalker are available with or without external cellular antenna connection. Smoothtalker cell phone holders and cradles provide a secure and convenient place to place the phone while driving and allow use with any bluetooth or wired headset or bluetooth hands free kit. Smoothtalker car phone holders are compatible with Motorola hands free kits and headsets, Parrot hands free kits and headsets, and all other makes of bluetooth headset or car kit for use with any cell phone or smartphone.

All credits and information was found on smoothtalker.com

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Totally Hands-free experience

The truly Bluetooth hands free headset with build-in Voice Control. You can command your phone to make, answer, or reject calls, connect you up with the Bing411 voice search hotline and the local traffic hotline for the latest information, send and receive emails and texts without touching the key pad. The Crescendo headset will also TELL you your connection and battery status, or guide you step by step through the operation manual.
The Crescendo headset is pre-loaded with English Voice firmware, and you can download the French, or German language from the Bluetrek Talk2Me App store free of charge. Spanish, Mandarin and more languages will be available at the App store in the near future.

All credits and information was found on bluetrek.com

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mobile bag / G1135

The Golla Mobile cell phone case offers easy and fast access to your phone. The sleek and stylish bag comes with two zipped pockets. The main zip pocket is a universal fit for mobile phones and the second zip pocket provides storage for earphones, cash, or credit cards.

Features : main zip pocket for your device
second zip pocket for additional storage
belt loop
soft interior lining keeps your device scratch-free

All credits and information was found on golla.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blue Solar

Mr Handsfree Blue Solar is a solar powered, handsfree car kit with Multipoint technology: you can connect and use 2 mobile phones simultaneously. Simply attach the Blue Solar to the windscreen of your car with the suction cups and it 's ready for use. Thanks to the solar panel, the carkit charges continuously so you hardly ever have to use the included USB and car charger. The Blue Solar also has the ability to pair with and remember up to 8 mobile phones.

All credits and information was found on mrhandsfree.com

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Play all day

Got an Xperia™ PLAY? Want to play the latest, greatest - coolest games? Pick up an Xperia™ PLAY Experience Pack. 3 free Gameloft games. At home and on-the-go charging. XP151. The ultimate gaming experience.

All credits and information was found on sonyericsson.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

iPad & iPad 2 Neoprene Sleeve DeLuxe 

Color : Brown
The compact design of the Covertec Neoprene sleeve enables you to carry your iPad everywhere.
Features :
Complete iPad protection with one reinforced side of the sleeve to protect the screen
Brown Outside Neoprene /White Inside Faux Fur

The Resistant and durable Neoprene exterior and the colored cushioned interior assures maximum protection of your iPad from scratches. You can use it as a stand-alone case or place it inside a bag !
Compatibility :
iPad - iPad 2

All credits and information was found on covertec.com

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Solar Speakerphone | Energy Efficient | Bluetooth

LG has a greener solution: the Solar Bluetooth Car Kit. Mount this light-weight box to your windshield and you're good to go and talk. Holding enough charge for 16 hours of talk time, the kit can get 1 hour of talk time for every 2 hours of exposure. Plastic clasps keep the box angled at the sun so you can careen around corners without loosing light. When fully charged, the HFB-500 provides a massive 960 minutes of talk time. However, this can be improved - when it is in constant sunlight, the device will provide unlimited talk time. Features: Bluetooth 2.0, call/end, volume key, last number redial, voice dialing, multi-connection (up to 2 phones), and easy pairing.

All credits and information was found on lg.com


LG Portable Stereo Speakers MSP-100