Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rugged BlueAnt T1

Superior Wind Performance

The Rugged BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth Headset is a durable, reliable Bluetooth device that has been designed to give high quality audio in the most challenging conditions.

The T1 is the first BlueAnt headset to feature Wind Armour Technology™

Developed over the course of years of research into wind noise performance, this solution combines patent-pending design features with BlueAnt's proprietary noise cancellation software to deliver clear audio in wind speeds up to 22 mph, the best wind noise reduction of any Bluetooth headset on the market.
Durable and Reliable

The T1 has also been designed to be highly durable. In addition to the sturdy earpiece, the T1 features removable and interchangeable patent-pending, soft-touch silicon covers that protect and cushion the headset from minor bumps and accidental impact and enable the T1 to withstand the onslaught of everyday dust and moisture.
T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset
Caller Name Announce

The T1 is the first Bluetooth headset to offer caller name announce, so you will always know who is calling because the T1 will read out the name of the incoming caller.

Responding to the call is as easy as saying the words Answer or Ignore, leaving you hands free to focus on the task at hand.

The T1 also offers A2DP for streaming audio of podcasts and turn-by-turn directions from GPS applications on your mobile phone.
Free Android Application

Users with Android devices can further enhance their BlueAnt T1 by installing the BlueAnt T1 Android application. The application provides text message readout directly into the headset and includes help and support for your T1.

Click here to learn more about the application
Learn More

Please watch our video to learn more about the T1:

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dell Streak 7 Defender Series Case


  • Dell Streak 7


  • Three layers of protection
  • Complete interaction of the device's functions
  • Clip-on touch screen cover with fold-out stand


  • Clear protective membrane on touch screen
  • High-quality polycarbonate shell
  • Durable silicone skin

Environmental Protection:

The Dell Streak 7 cell phone accessories such as this case provides added protection against bump, shock, drop and dust intrusion. Case is NOT protective against water.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Xperia™ PLAY

Need a super-efficient, full-featured smartphone? And what if it also had real game controls? You got it. The Xperia™ PLAY. A PlayStation™ certified Android™ smartphone that lets you immerse yourself in the games you want.

The latest Google™ apps on your Android cell phone

Never get lost again. Explore cities and sights with 3D maps. Use Google Voice Search™ to call, text and more. With your Xperia™ PLAY Android cell phone, there's no need to type. Just speak. Want more? Get the apps you need from Android Market™.

"So, is this the PlayStation™ phone?"

Once a fantasy. Now a reality. The first PlayStation™ certified Android smartphone gives you incredible graphics, great sound and real game controller. This phone is not actually named "the PlayStation™ phone" though - we call it Xperia™ PLAY.

Xperia™ PLAY - geared up for immersive gaming

What's your thrill? Slide out the controls of your Xperia™ PLAY and get behind the wheel of a racing car. Or jump into a street fight. Challenge your friends: Xperia™ PLAY supports multi-player gaming. In addition to the pre-loaded games, you'll find an ever-growing selection of additional titles available for download.
Be sure to grab the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 accessories you need for a more productive use.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

iPhone 4 Stacks Case

Modern art meet your mobile match. Push your Picasso’s, Warhol’s and Pollock’s aside, there’s a new wave of contemporary art ready to be displayed. And this one doesn’t exactly involve paint. The Stacks iPhone 4 case allows you to create your iPhone cover, piece by piece. Industrial designer Erik Arlen imagined a contemporary cover with the ability to keep reinventing itself.

Learn more about Erik Arlen here

Six colored modular sections stack together to create a protective case, while still keeping your iPhone slim. The colorful modular pieces keep the case modern. Slide and interlock the different stackable pieces for a customizable look for your iPhone. The MoMA may have found its next exhibit.

  • Custom designed by Erik Arlen, features six interchangeable modular sections
  • Form fit feature made specifically for the iPhone 4
  • Contains 6 modular pieces, with 4 extra additional pieces included in Passion Play, Full Volume and Mechanica color sets
  • Impact resistant, flexible shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • iPhone 4 screen protectors sold separately.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ciderz for the Apple iPhone 4

Designed specifically to enhance the usage of the iPhone 4, Ciderz is constructed of two high quality materials, polycarbonate and TPE. These two materials have been formed together to create a bumper style iPhone 4 case that is ultra thin, protective, and easy to apply and remove. With a larger opening for third party headphones and more room for third party chargers, Ciderz have been designed to adapt to a variety of users. Ciderz is available also as a Total Protection Pack, which includes BodyGuardz front and back protectors ($29.95)


• Maximum side coverage
• Raised edges to protect screen
• Superior construction
• Ultra thin design
• Access to all buttons and ports
• Easy to slip on and off

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holders - Universal & PerfektFit iGRIP offers two type of device holders.

The Universal Holders are designed to work with a wide range of devices, from small iPod's to full size Smartphone's, with or with a cell phone case.

The PerfektFit Holders are designed to fit a specific device. They are sleek, compact and will look very good together with the device. PerfektFit's are available for BlackBerry's,
Apple iPhone and HTC phones.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

SmoothTalker Wireless Car Amplifier BRM120A

The BRM120 is a Dual Band Wireless 800/1900Mhz signal amplifier which increases your Cellular and PCS band signals, expands your service coverage area, enhances voice call quality and significantly increases data speeds. It is easy and simple to install and you can be up and running in minutes.

BRM120A series Dual Band Wireless Car Amplifier-incl's 90deg rubber mast antenna & cigarette charger (Part #s BRM120AA, SEMR1, DCH14).

This kit "DOES NOT INCLUDE EXTERNAL ANTENNAS". Please choose an antenna with an "MCT" connector type from our antenna section or call (877) 726-3444 for assistance.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


So you did it. You bought a new iPhone® 4 and you want a slim, stylish case to protect it. The OtterBox Impact Series case for iPhone 4 is definitely your answer. This mighty silicone skin is tough enough to handle bumps, scratches and shocks–yet remains surprisingly thin. Remember, nobody does silicone skins like OtterBox.

About our Impact Series: The OtterBox case is a durable silicone skin, brilliantly engineered with inner coring to dissipate shock away from your iPhone 4.


§ Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T only. We will have a Impact Series case for the Verizon iPhone 4 soon. Sign up for product notification here!)


§ Self-adhering clear screen protector

§ Durable silicone skin with inner-coring

Environmental Protection:

Case NOT protected against water. Will provide some added protection against bump and shock.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elan Form Etch Hard-shell Etched Leather Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

As with the rest of Griffin's Elan Form Apple case lineup, Elan Form Etch is high-quality leather bonded to a near-indestructible polycarbonate inner shell.

Your iPhone gets two layers of protection: the leather outer layer is decorated with an intricately detailed etched pattern that feels great in your hand and looks great to your eyes.

Griffin's trademark EasyDock design lets you slip open the bottom of the case to dock your iPhone.

  • Leather bonded to durable protective polycarbonate
  • Etched surface detail that feels great and looks great
  • EasyDock convenience
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) (AT&T and Verizon)

BodyGuardz Dry Apply

· Durable, Ultra-Thin, Clear Protectors

· Custom Designed

· 5 min. Liquid-Free Installation

· Lifetime Replacements

· 30-day Money Back Guarantee

BodyGuardz Dry Apply now offers consumers a way to safeguard their devices from scratches and nicks with the same industry-leading BodyGuardz material - indestructible film typically used to shield the fronts of automobiles from abrasive elements and environmental impact - without the use of any water.

BodyGuardz Dry Apply features a specially formulated adhesive allowing the BodyGuardz film to dry quickly without any liquid. The films are easy to apply, re-positionable before they set and leave no sticky residue if removed. Only 8 mil thick, BodyGuardz Dry Apply provides exceptional scratch protection that is UV-resistant and immediately appears clear because there is no liquid needed to dry.

BodyGuardz are the perfect Apple iPhone 4 screen protectors. It provides scratch protection from outside elements without the need of bulky cases. BodyGuardz is designed to custom fit the Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply). These invisible protectors are made from the same material that is used to shield the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements.

Tough and durable, BodyGuardz for the Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) will keep your device protected from scratches. BodyGuardz is easy to apply and is designed to offer full body and/or screen protection to your device while letting the beauty and design of the Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) shine through. BodyGuardz is optically clear and remains invisible without distorting the dimension or design of your Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply). If you're looking for a/an Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) case, screen protector, cover, shield or skin, you just found it with BodyGuardz.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

iPad Hybrid Tough Cases

You know the feeling. The heartbreak that immediately sets in as your iPad smashes to the ground. Flashes of panic, pools of sweat and buckets of tears overwhelm your body. Protect yourself from future stress with the Tough iPad case, providing dual layers of protection.

Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Tough case is the epitome of protection. A snug, form fitting silicone wrap provides shock resistance, while the hard shell protects against impact. The lightweight, slim case adds support and shields your iPad, keeping your emotional state intact, one drop at a time.

  • Dual layers of silicone and ABS hard shell plastic combine for secure protection
  • Form fit feature covers back and corners
  • Available in two-toned color combinations black/cool grey, black/green, black/pink, black/black
  • Impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Access to all ports and functions
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Calisto 825 connects to PC and mobile phone. Includes PA50 wireless mic.

Communication across devices has never been more simple with the Calisto 800 Series multi-device speakerphone system

Superior Call Management
  • Connects and seamlessly switches between calls from
    PC, mobile and home* phone
  • A 2.4" color display and a touch sensitive dial pad for
    easy caller ID viewing, dialing, answering, switching,
    and muting across devices
  • Full call control with Microsoft Office Communicator
    and Lync 2010
  • For privacy, use with Bluetooth® or corded headsets/
    headphones (3.5mm)
Uncompromising Audio Quality
  • Premium, rich-sounding full duplex speakerphone
  • Wideband audio coupled with advanced noise
    cancellation technology
Freedom of Movement
  • Wireless microphone offers unparalleled voice
    transmission and freedom of movement
  • Remote answer/end/mute control
  • Enables 360-degree small group conferencing when
    placed flat on a table
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LG Portable Stereo Speakers MSP-100